Ash Styles


Ash Styles

Welcome to our latest recruit on Muck FM, Ash Styles! We sent our roving reporter out to find out a bit more about him…


Hi Ash, so how long have you been DJing?-

On and off for 20 years. I turned up for my first gig at a friends birthday party. He had been given decks and didnt know how to use them whereas I had no decks but a happy shopper bag full of vinyl. I came away from the turntables 17 hours later.
Earliest clubbing experience?

That would be the Cascades nightclub in Telford. Rick Astley was at number one!


Best DJing experience?-A house party a friend in Stafford threw at his home (a large country house) when his parents went on holiday. My crew turned up at midday waiting for people to come and no one did! Then at 3am the next morning everyone from club UK midlands turned up along with Daniele Davoli (of black box “Ride on time fame”) who had been guest DJing at the club.


Funniest DJing moment?

The above party-a friend lost something precious to him only to discover the hosts dog had fallen unconscious. The dog slept for a day and a half……….
Worst house music related experience?

Travelling to Reykjavik on the basis that if Nick Warren can release a CD and DVD mix that reflects Icelands party scene the place should be rocking. We turned up only to discover there were no nightclubs. The Global underground CD had been released 9 years previously and Iceland was going through recession. No wonder information on the internet had been non-existent!


So Ash, back in “the day” what parties did you frequent?

Well having settled in Stafford in 1994 after leaving the RAF, Swoon 1994@the Colliseum Stafford (the biggest UK club of that year and also my “local”-im very proud of being a regular), Cream@ Nation Liverpool, Decadance@ Bakers Birmingham, Bowlers Manchester, Up Yer Ronson Leeds, Stoke Uni, northern exposure@ Atomics Maidstone. Basically all the big clubs of that era. The era before the “superclub” had arrived. “Halcyon days”.
What music do you spin?

My choice is progressive but im known to play select vocal tracks too. It HAS to have an underground vibe to it. So long as its “only house music”…..