Grim has been a regular in the Muck Club for a long time now, and has been persuaded to come out of the old DJs home to bring us all his mucky brand of old skool house. He hails from Brighton, but not many people know that he was actually hatched from an egg on a mountaintop a very, very long time ago. Grim readily admits that he puts the old in old skool, but with his age comes a wisdom that makes him a very fine DJ indeed.


Grim first heard house music in 1987 and has been hooked ever since. He started DJing in 1991, and by the following year was playing parties, clubs and bars in and around Brighton on a regular basis. He retired from DJing in 1995, but like an Icelandic volcano has been lying dormant- until now, spewing his mucky house and old skool anthems all over the Muck FM airwaves. The only ash you will find here though is from that big reefer he’s been puffing on in his wig-wam. You see Grim is Muck’s resident hippy. A peace lover and a perfect gentleman, he is the perfect addition to the DJ crew. 


This page is dedicated to our good friend, and Muck FM DJ Grim, who sadly passed away in April. He was a true gentleman, a fantastic DJ, and a lovely all round guy with a fantastic sense of humour. Our condolences go out to his family and we are all thinking of him here at Muck FM.

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