DJ On Muck FM



DJ On Muck FM

Do you mix? Think you’re mucky enough to play on an up and coming internet radio station? Then read on…

 We are looking for DJs who play trance, breaks, drum n bass, old skool, and good old fashioned house music. It doesn’t matter how good you are- you could be an experienced DJ, or a legend in your own bedroom. We would ask that you have a basic idea of how to mix though! Much more important is that you have a passion for music, have a Mucky attitude (fun, honest, and mad about music), and are eager to share your tunes with the world.

If you are interested, get in touch with us and tell us a bit about yourself, what genres you play and we’ll give you the address to send us a mix CD. With a tiny bit of software you can broadcast from your own home, how easy is that?! If you get through the gruelling Muck FM interview process, and come through our initiation ritual unscathed then you could be broadcasting live around the world. And who knows, if we really like you, you could end up becoming one of the crew and play regularly on Muck FM!

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