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Doctor Muck- Italo Muck

Doctor Muck proudly presents an hour’s compilation of his favourite 1980s Italo Disco and Hi NRG tunes, all recorded from the original vinyl. Can’t deny the genre is camp, but these are from the less cheesy end…. Early electronic music at it’s best! 320kbps.┬áTracklisting below.


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1) Alphaville- Big In Japan (extended remix)

2) Laura Branigan- Self Control

3) CC Catch- Strangers By Night

4) Angie Care- Your Mind

5) Stephanie- Irresistible

6) Silent Circle- Stop The Rain

7) Sisley Ferre- Give Me Your Love

8) Paparazzi- I Need Your Love

9) Company B- Fascinated

10) People Like Us- Midnight Lover



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  1. Sir Biscuit of Garibaldi - November 24, 2012 18:04

    Strangers by Night…Strangers TAAAMAAAROOOOWW


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