Guide To Registering In Grim’s Place (Muck FM Chatbox)


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Guide To Registering In Grim’s Place (Muck FM Chatbox)

We’ve recently upgraded our chatbox, and here is an easy guide to help you register, and become a full mucky member of Grim’s Place! 

To begin, press “more options”- this is the link to register, sign in, find smilies and open the chatbox in a separate pop up window.

Click “sign in”- this will bring up a pop up. You can register as a guest by simply putting your name in, but we advise you to sign in via email, twitter or facebook using the links on the right, as there may be times that the chatbox is restricted to members only. If you choose to post without registering you will have “guest” next to your name when you post.


Email: You will receive a unique code to your email address. You may need to check your spam folder to find this. Once you have it, enter it in the prompt box . Once you are signed in you can change the name you post under and your avatar. 

Facebook & Twitter: Sign in and away you go- but you will post under your name and your avatar will be your facebook profile photo. 


**Please note that if you tick “remember me” and don’t sign out you will not need a new code each time you return**


Avatar: You will need a valid link to an online image. Enter the url and you will see your avatar next to your posts.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by mailing us at


Happy chatting!





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