How to add a new Red Eye Player mix

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How to add a new Red Eye Player mix

1) Upload the mix to the mixes folder as normal. Remember to make a note of the file name.

2) Log into WordPress and click on Media > wordTube

3) Click on Insert new media file

4) Add the REP mix file information. You must fill out all the fields below.

5) Add the REP mix file details in the section marked “or enter URL to file”. (At the bottom of the page) DO NOT UPLOAD THE MIX!

Don’t forget for URL to file to add

For URL to thumbnail enter the REP logo file. Copy this:

5) If you’re happy with all the information, click Add media file at the bottom of the page. Your mix has now been saved and can be inserted into any post or page.

6) Create a new post

7) To link to the wordTube file add this into the post or page

where XX is the number of the wordTube file. If you have forgotten what number your file is, open the wordTube page and view the list.

7a) Unfortunately wordTube doesn’t provide a facility for downloading files. Therefore we have to add a manual link to the mix file.

Copy this and change the file name to the name of your mix. Don’t forget to include the help text.

<a href="">Download Muck FM - THE NAME AND DATE OF YOUR MIX</a>

To download this mix, right click on the link above and choose “Save target as / Save link as”. The download should commence shortly after wards.

If you use an iPhone or iPad, you will probably need to download the mix first and then play it.

8) Featured image – WordPress now supports a featured image for each post. To set a featured image for your mix click on the Set featured Image link, on the right-hand side of the page.

9) Click on Media Gallery and search for the relevant picture. If you are adding a brand new picture, see step 9A.

Doctor Muck – 24042010861 (You can just enter 24 into the search media box)

JP – funny_baby_face-11994 (You can just enter funny into the search media box)

Ray Von – ray_von ( You can just enter ray into the search media box)

Hooker Barbie – Hooker_Barbie (You can just enter hooker into the search media box :p )

Tune of the month – m (You can just enter M into the search media box)

Mucky Mini Mix – rave (You can just enter rave into the search media box)

Click Show to open the image and then click on Use as featured image. (Don’t use the 150×150 version if possible)

Other images you might want to use

Weekend warm up – search match

Mash up – search mash

Hot kupu – search sexy

Muck FM lipstick – search 220

M rating – search cert

MC Check – search barrycheck

Handy – search 220

Muck FM record bag – search 100

9a) To upload a brand new image, click From Computer and upload the image from your hard drive. Then follow the steps outlined above.

10) Click Save all changes to finish.

11) Don’t forget to click update to save your post.

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