How to add / edit a post



How to add / edit a post

All of the mixes, articles and ramblings on are called posts in WordPress language. If you have got sufficient privileges from the Doc, you may be able to edit or add new posts.

Write a new post

1) From the dashboard (admin homepage) click Posts > Add new.

2) First you need to write the name of your post in the box under Add New Post

Underneath this you will see a lot of buttons and a big white box. This is where you write the post. It’s a bit like using Microsoft Word. You can choose the size of the font, bold or italic text and the colour. You can also insert images from the Muck FM media library or from your hard drive.

3) Once you’re happy with your post, you need to assign it to a category. There is a Categories box on the right-hand side of the page. Just click the boxes to add it to the category. Please do NOT add any new categories without asking the doc first. Also please have a look at the guide on how to add Red Eye Player mixes.

For mixes please add it to the DJ category (e.g Red Eye Player Listings > DJ > JP) and to the genre category (e.g Red Eye Player Listings > Genre > Trance mixes). If your mix is a show like Weekend warm up, Mash up or Madness, you can also add it to the Muck FM shows category.

4) Next thing to do is add some tags for your post. You don’t have to do this, but it will help people find your post and search engines seem to like them for some strange reason! Tags are usual one or words and describe the post. For example: Gabba, 1998 remix, Take That

Separate each tag with a comma. When you’re done click the add button to save them.

5) Now you need to add an image for your post. Don’t forget to do this or ETB will come and spank you will a rusty bit of Indonesian bamboo! The featured image will show up in your post and also on the homepage and category page.

For more information on how to set up a post thumbnail (featured image), check out this help page.

6) Almost done! The last thing to do is publish your post. This will save the post and publish it to the site, making it visible to the whole of East Croydon (or the world!). At the top right part of the page, there is a box titledĀ  Publish. Click the big blue button Publish.

If you haven’t had time to finish writing your post, click Save Draft and this will save the post without publishing it to the site. You can then log in later and continue writing. To do this click on Posts and then on the name of your post.

7) And there you have it, you have now officially become a Muck FM scribe. You’ll see a yellow box confirming that your post has been saved.

Click on View post to check out your post in full effect. Don’t forget to click on the Facebook Like button to promote your article on your Facebook page.

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