How to add my show to the schedule calendar



How to add my show to the schedule calendar

If you’re a muck approved DJ, then you will have access to the Muck FM calendar. This will allow you to add your show to the schedule with the times and details appearing on the homepage and the schedule page. You can click on the images below to view the full size image. (Press back on your browser to come back to the tutorial.)

This is the calendar’s address if you want to add it to your existing Google calendar account.

First – Click on the invitation link sent to your email and follow the instructions to log into Google Calendar.

Second – Once you’ve logged in, the calendar page will load up.

Click on the day and time of your show. Don’t worry if you mis-click the time, that can be edited later.

Third – In the white box that pops up type the name of your show. You can edit this later if you want to.

SUPER HYPER IMPORTANT MAKE SURE THE CALENDAR IS MUCK FM SCHEDULE! If you select another calendar, your show won’t appear on

Fourth – In the white box click Edit event details.

Fifth – In the event details page you can add information about your show.

Fields that you must add info to (can’t be blank):

What: The name of your show

When: Days and times of your show (Please do not click All day – unless you’re doing a 24 hour marathon!)

Repeats: Must be Does not repeat

Where: Add studio, Doctor Muck’s tupperware party, your party etc (It doesn’t really matter what you put!)

Calendar: Make 666% sure this is Muck FM schedule :p

Description: Add info about your show (genre/music is useful for non-muckers)

Sixth: Check the event options. You shouldn’t have to change anything here, unless you’ve changed your Google calendar options.

Seventh: Please, please, please don’t forget to save the event! (Google might auto-save it in case you forget but I’m not 100% about this)

You’re event will now be added to the Muck FM schedule. Don’t forget to press F5 or refresh the Muck FM homepage to view your event.

You can also promote your show to friends, family and foreign dignitaries. Have a look at

If you’re having problems logging into the Muck FM schedule calendar, send me a message using the Contact Muck FM form.

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