How to create a photo gallery



How to create a photo gallery

This one is a bit tricky so turn of the Japanese “cultural” video playing in the background and concentrate!

First of all create a new post for your gallery. Remember to add it to Barry’s gallery category.

Once you’re happy with your ramblings it’s time to upload the images for your gallery. Click on the rectangle symbol next to Upload/Insert

A pop up window will load, this can take a couple of seconds. If you can see the grey button Select files click on it. If you can’t you don’t have flash installed, so you’ll need to use Browser uploader instead.

Navigate to the folder on your hard drive and select the images you want to upload. You can select multiple images. (you don’t have to upload each image individually) Images can be JPEG, GIF or PNG. Please do NOT upload images directly from a digital camera. They’re huge and it will cause the site to come to grinding halt. Resize the images in a photo editing program. As a rough guide images should not be any bigger than 800 width by 600 height.

Once the files have been uploaded you’ll see a screen where you can edit the caption (title).

Things you should edit / add:
Title: This is done automatically by wordpress
Alternative text: This should be the caption of the image / photo (e.g. Doctor Muck and the Mexican donkey)
Caption: Same as Alternative text. You can copy and paste it. (If you leave this blank, no caption will show in the gallery)

Ignore everything else. You’ll need to do this for each image in the list. To view the options for each image click on show.

When you are done click on Save all changes at the bottom. If you don’t save all changes first, captions won’t be saved.

If you have forgotten to upload an image, click on From computer in the top-left corner and repeat the uploading process. Don’t forget to add and save captions.

Pretty much finished now, all that’s left is to insert the gallery into the post. To do this, click on Gallery in the pop up box.

You’ll see a list of the images that are going to be added to the gallery. Double check that they’re the right ones and then scroll down to the bottom.

Change the Gallery columns to 4 and leave the other settings as they are.

Finally click Insert gallery and the pop up box will disappear and you’ll be back to Add post.

Double check all your category, featured image and other settings are ok and then click Publish

You’ll see a confirmation that your post and gallery have been saved in the yellow box.

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