How to listen to mixes on the Red Eye Player


Muck FM Red Eye Player

How to listen to mixes on the Red Eye Player

If you need an aural sensation and can’t wait for the next live broadcast, have a look at the Red Eye Player page. You can find a lorry load of past shows, which you can play directly or download to your computer to listen to later.

There are two ways to listen to past mixes. You can stream them via our Red Eye Player or you can download them to your hard drive or mp3 player.

To listen to a mix in your internet browser, you will need to have Adobe flash player installed. Unfortunately this does not work on iPhones and iPads. Please be warned that mixes are around 50 – 100mb so if you’re listening on a mobile phone, it may rinse all your credit.

1) Go to the Red Eye Player category – You can view mixes by DJ, by genre, by type (Mucky Mini Mix, mix series etc) or all mixes. Choose a mix to listen to.

2) After the page has loaded, you’ll see the Red Eye Player logo. It may take a couple of seconds for the player to load.

3) Click the big play symbol and the mix should start shortly. If it doesn’t click the Red Eye picture and click again to restart. Should that not work refresh the page (press F5).

4) You can also listen to all the Red Eye Player mixes, by viewing the Red eye media player (pop-up). Please remember to allow pop-up windows from, if your browser blocks this.

The link for the pop-up Red Eye media player is located in the top section of all pages on

To download mixes to your hard drive follow these instructions.

1) Underneath the Red Eye Player there will be a download link.

2) Right click on the download link and choose save as / save target as.

3) Once the download has finished you can open it in a media player on your computer. Please note all files are in the mp3 format.

If you still can’t listen to mixes after trying all this, then the Doctor guarantees that he will come and yodel for you.

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