How to promote my radio show



How to promote my radio show

Once you’ve added your online radio show details to the Muck FM Google calendar, you can promote your show to friends, family and foreign dignitaries. It’s very easy, you just need to copy their email address into the box marked Add Guests on the right-hand side of the event page. You can also promote your show in Facebook by creating a new event.

Go to the Muck FM Google calendar. Find your event and click on it.

Now click Edit event details. This will load the page with your show’s details. On the right-hand side of the page there is a small box titled Add guests. Enter the email addresses of people you wish to tell about the show, separated by a comma.

IMPORTANT! Don’t tick the Modify event box.

Click Save changes at the top of the page and then Send invitations and the Muck FM calendar will then send a message to the email addresses contained in the box, informing them about the times and location of the event.

You can also post event details on Facebook and send it to your friends. To add an event in Facebook follow these steps. Make sure you log in to your account first.

On your Facebook homepage, click Events.

Click Create An Event.

Click Add End Time to input the end time of your show.

Fill in the details for your show and don’t forget to add a link to or people won’t know where to listen in.

Then the most important step is to tell the world about your show. So click select guests and click on your friends that you want to invite to the event. When you’re done, click Save and close. Then click Create event.

Given that almost everyone has Facebook, and even people that claim to hate Facebook check their page every week it’s a great way to promote your show. At the moment there’s no way to synchronise it with Google calendar, so unfortunately you will have to add your show’s details twice. But hey it’s worth it when half the world tunes in!

Any problems? Give ETB a shout

If you need help with how to add a Google calendar radio show, please see this post.

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