Dr Muck’s Blog- Oct 10th 2009


Everson and Muck

Dr Muck’s Blog- Oct 10th 2009

Ohhhhh yeah!

Going to the Concorde in Brighton tonight to see the Kings of Rave, the legends that are Rat Pack. I remember hearing them back in 1989 on Sunrise FM in London, which along with Centreforce was probably the best pirate station back in those days. It was a Sunday afternoon, at some random peoples’ flat in North London and we were all tending a comedown of one kind or another… I clearly remember Everson Allen’s distinctive voice- “Jump around the coffee table!” So we did…

I last saw the Rat Pack play a couple of years back at an old skool night in Brixton. Can’t really remember much about it though, a winning combination of, er, well, certain things, took care of that…

Which brings me nicely to why once again I am tired as f*ck…

I went to a bar last night by myself, a nice little place in Brixton called the Cha and Raas. I’ve been there a few times and know it’s the kind of place that if you want to get picked up you will. And if you don’t, you will anyway. Now, I wouldn’t say I am desperate but I do have a keen sense of adventure, so after ordering a double brandy and making sure no one was looking, I slipped a rohypnol into my drink while trying not to look too furtive.

I took my time, sipping my Courvoisier, savouring the taste as it slipped down. Hehe, it wouldn’t be the only thing slipping down things tonight I thought! Luckily the Cha is an intimate place so no one noticed the slightly blue tinge to my drink. Well, that’s what I thought at the time anyway. As things started to get a little hazy, a beautiful dusky woman with an eastern European accent approached me and started chatting to me. She didn’t seem to mind as my eyes started to role into the back of my head,  and the last thing I remember is her putting her hand on my thigh and thinking that I am going to get such a good seeing to. Cor, it’s been a while.

I came round this morning in a strange, empty flat, feeling heavy, woozy and slightly sick, but relaxed  after checking my ringer to make sure I hadn’t been duped in the worst way possible. I lay there for a while regaining my senses and then pushed myself onto my elbows to get up. A sharp stabbing pain screamed from my lower back. Not backside though. Must’ve just slept funny.

It got worse and worse as I sheepishly got off the bed. Meh, who cares, I got abused by some dirty Balkan slut! Execept I hadn’t. The bitch took my kidney…

Just as well I have another one though. Halfway through a bottle of rioja, my dealer Flex is on his way round and I am set for the night! Rat Pack here I come! Gonna stay slightly sober though, well just enough to make sure I get some photos to share with you all on Muck FM. That’s the doorbell, Flex is here, catch you later!


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